Carol Christianson, MA, LPC, NBCCH

As a counselor I use a solution-oriented, client-centered approach to help you create the change you desire in your life. Everyone at some time in their life needs help. Finding the solution to problems requires a willingness to change, or at least a willingness to try something new and/or ask for help.

In addition to being a licensed counselor, I am a certified hypnotherapist.  I use a combination of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and classical hypnotherapy processes to help you access your inner resources, challenge limiting beliefs and thereby improve your experience of life.

Finding the solutions to problems requires your willingness to change, or at least try something new.  Since offering this blend of therapy to my clients, they have reported rapid and lasting improvements in their lives as a result.

Education and Training:

BA in Education/Psychology (1981)
The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA

MA in Counseling (1995)
Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM

Professional Mental Health Counselor
State of NM (LPC) #4431

CHt – Certified Hypnotherapist (2012)
Hypnotherapy Academy of America
Santa Fe, NM # CH0712-032

NBCCH – National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (2016)



“With Carol’s guidance I have been able to let certain old, self-defeating patterns go, if not completely, then slowly, slowly they are becoming a whisper instead of a tremendous voice pushing me down.”

-J.M., Santa Fe, NM 12/6/16

“I came to see Carol in a heap of dismay and was broken into a pile of confusion and pain. Carol showed me how to see myself in a way that was not dependent on the external bad things that had disrupted my entire world, and she helped me learn how to leave it behind so that as I moved forward, there was no longer a bungie cord tugging it along in spurts as I struggled forward slowed by that burden. I learned to stand up and be strong and now I am a happy person strolling along my life path with a renewed sense of how lucky I am to be in this time and place. For a variety of reasons, I now see that every day is a gift.”

-J.H., Rio Rancho, NM 8/17/16

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